Frequent Asked Questions

Q:  Do the CCS programs require access to any Protected Health Information (PHI)?

A:  No.  The CCS training programs educate practices on the requirements of appropriately safeguarding PHI and provide steps and strategies to most efficiently and effectively meet these guidelines.  In the event that you are working directly with a consultant for our File Review service, you will be provided with instructions to properly de-identify PHI.  Should you be working with a specialist for Audit Consulting services, it may be difficult to de-identify this information based upon the nature of the audit.  In this event, CCS will provide and sign the appropriate Business Associate Agreement for your records.


Q:  Does CCS add new information periodically?

A:  Yes!  The CCS team is actively reviewing current information and updates.  As new data, updates, guidelines, and other helpful information becomes available, CCS will continue to update existing training modules, add new training modules, and make any necessary documents availalble to members.  The CCS newsletter will also notify you of new training and materials that have been added to our programs.  


Q:  Is member support available for practices that are going through CCS online training?

A:  Yes, absolutely.  Member support is available through the CCS Help Desk for all members.  You can also contact us by telephone at ______ though we do encourage you to reach out by emailing the Help Desk.


Q:  When going through online training modules, can we listen to specific modules more than once?

A:  Yes.  The CCS training modules are available to members at their convenience and can be revisited as many times as needed.  In fact, we strongly encourage members to periodically review webinars as this is part of your office training which should be documented and retained.  Compliance guidelines require periodic training and review.  CCS modules provide a very organized method to allow practices to meet this criteria.


Q:  Are CCS online programs designed for the doctors or the staff?

A:  CCS online programs are designed for your entire practice.  This includes doctors, seasoned workforce members and new workforce members. Compliance training, implementation and maintenance is a team effort, and as such, it is important that every member of your entire team is aware of their role and responsibilities for compliance, as well as the vulnerabilities of non-compliance.  As your practice progresses through training modules, it is important for your entire team to be proactive participants in training. However, some modules, based upon topic and tasks, may be geared more towards one department than another.


Still have questions?  Submit your question to our Help Desk and receive a response within 24-48 business hours.