Fee Analysis

What is a Fee Analysis

Reviewing your fees each year is important.  In fact, fee schedules is one of the ways that payors evaluate practices.  Having inconsistent fees for your region or in comparison to your peers can result in a payor review or audit.  Too often practices randomly pick fees for services or are uncertain as to where their fee schedule came from or how old it is.  Fee schedule evaluation is one step of risk management and protection for your practice and it can provide clarity and confidence in your fees.  The Fee Analysis also helps to ensure that you are not over charging or under charging for individual services in your practice.  Over charging can result in payor scrutiny and under charging can cost your practice revenue.

Chiropractic Compliance Solutions provides a regional fee analysis that is updated each new year.  This identifies approximate fee averages for each service rendered by your practice.  We use your city, state, and zip code information to prepare an itemization of commonly used chiropractic codes for your records and review.  The regional Fee Analyisis is provided to you via email along with a one page interpretation guide.  For your convenience, we also include a link to your Medicare contractor so that you may review those current fees as well.  

The regional Fee Analysis is $59.  If you have any questions, please connect with us live online from our home page or by submitting an inquiry to our HelpDesk.