HIPAA Training

What is HIPAA Training?

The HIPAA Training program offered by Chiropractic Compliance Solutuions is designed to provide chiropractic practices the need-to-know information, steps, and documents as necessary for compliance with HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security.  HIPAA Training is an audio/video lesson based program.  Lessons are topic specific and they each average approximately 15 minutes in length.  Each lesson comes with lesson specific downloadable documents as well as policy and procedure templates with sample text.  The end of each lesson provides specific Action Steps for the practice so as to best guide your team through essential tasks necessary for HIPAA compliance.

There are 11 separate topic specific lessons pertaining to HIPAA Privacy and 15 topic specific lessons pertaining to HIPAA Security.  As you progress through each lesson, your team will have greater understanding of their individual roles and responsibilties for your practice and your patients.  


What other Features come with HIPAA Training?

The HIPAA Training modules were prepared while keeping your busy practice schedule in mind.  Lessons include essential information and action steps, yet do not require that practices block hours of valuable time for listening to information and instruction.  Shorter lessons make it very easy to find time to listen and learn and then take action in reviewing or developing your HIPAA Compliance program.

Because of the detail and information included in this HIPAA Training program, practices that have not yet implemented HIPAA will be able to start fresh and establish their HIPAA program from scratch, including obtaining necessary and required training.  Practices that already have some or all of HIPAA requirements implemented, will also achieve the requirements for HIPAA training and will also be able to evaluate, review, and update HIPAA materials, policies and procedures as necessary and appropraiate for the practice.  This is a very valuable element as periodic reviews for documents, policies, and procedures are required elements to HIPAA compliance.  

This HIPAA Training program also includes the SRA Tool (Security Risk Assessment) designed specificially for chiropractic practices.  This tool will guide you through the complete Security Risk Assessment as required at a minimum of once per year by both HIPAA Security and Meaningful Use.  With HIPAA related investigations significantly on the rise, this training and SRA Tool is a practice essential.

Additionally, we at Chiropractic Compliance Solutions understand the complexity of HIPAA and recognize that you may have questions along the way.  For those questions, and to provide your team confidence of knowing that someone is there to help, we also have included our CCS HelpDesk for all HIPAA Training users.

Getting Started with HIPAA Training

To get started with HIPAA Training, simply click one of the purchase buttons on this page and you will be directed to set up your user account and can get started right away!  HIPAA Training is a one time fee of $297 and you will have access to all lessons, documents, and other features for 6 months from the date of registration.  

Importantly, this program includes HIPAA compliance training and materials only.  Practices must be aware that standard compliance extends behond HIPAA and includes many other required elements and topics.  For a practice to be fully compliant as per guidelines, those other essential compliance components must be included in your compliance program.  If this is your need, Chiropractic Compliance Solutions also includes an Online Compliance Training Program which covers 12 elements to compliance and entire library of over 80 topic specific training lessons, also complete with forms, documents, and related materials.  For information on this program, please visit the Online Compliance Training page under Products and Services on this site.

For additional questiosn and information, please contact the CCS HelpDesk.