Check OIG Exclusions

What are OIG Exclusions and Why Do They Need Verified?

The OIG (Office of Inspector General) is required by law to exclude from participation in all Federal health care programs, those individuals and entities that have been convicted of Medicare or Medicaid fraud or other criminal offenses related to the delivery of items or services under Federal or State health care programs. Additionally, there are many other types of offenses where the OIG may be legally obligated or may elect to exclude an individual or entity. As a result of this, and in an effort to preserve the integrity and prevent fraud or abuse of Federal health care programs, practices are required to verify exclusions on a monthly basis. This includes the entire practice workforce, including providers and workforce members, as well as the company name or individual names of Business Associates.

Who Can Be Excluded by the OIG?

Anyone can be excluded if they are found to have participated in wrongdoing that resulted in taking advantage of Federal health plans. If a practice has hired an excluded provider, an excluded workforce member or Business Associate, this may likely affect all revenues earned by this practice from Federal health care programs during the entire term of employment or business relationship of that excluded individual or company..

How to Verify OIG Exclusions?

To verify OIG Exclusions, use the 'Check OIG Exclusions' tool provided on the home page of the CCS website. Enter individual names of your providers and team members as well as Business Associate individual/company names. As each one is verified, you must print the report that confirms that each specific individual or company is not currently listed as Excluded. If it is determined that your practice does have an Excluded workforce member or Business Associate, please reach out to Chiropractic Compliance Solutions for further guidance.

This free tool is linked directly to the official OIG Exclusions database making it easy and convenient for you to perform the required monthly checks. To learn more about the OIG Exclusions, see the complete training module in our online Compliance Training Program. For support questions, please reach out to the CCS Help Desk.

Check OIG Exclusions