Over-the-Counter Collections Training

Over-the-Counter Collections Training

Although the Front Desk CA has many responsibilities and job functions to complete, over-the-counter collections is one of the most critical elements to this role.  Inefficiency in over-the-counter collections can occur in many ways.  Many practices find they have an obstacle with over-the-counter collections and are often unsure of how to resolve the obstacle.  These over-the-counter collections inefficiencies most often occur due to more than one challenge.  The great news is that all of these challenges are able to be resolved!  However, doctors, office managers, and CA's are often unable to recognize the obstacle and/or determine the appropriate solution. 

This 6 lesson series Over-the-Counter Collections Training addresses many of these obstacles AND provides strategies and solutions for immediate improvement.  Beginning with over-the-counter fundamentals that are necessary for all Front Desk CA's to understand, and then moving into duties, obstacles, solutions, cause and effect, and more. 

Practices have the responsibility to provide their Front Desk CA with the training and tools to allow this individual to maximize his/her role and perform optimally.  Use this training as a resource and a tool box for improving over-the-counter collections and streamlining this system at your front desk.



What's Included in Over-the-Counter Collections Training?

Over-the-Counter Collections Training is a comprehensive 6 lesson series.  This series includes:  Fundamentals of the Front Desk Role, Common Terminology for the Front Desk, What, Why, & How to Perform the Insurance Verification, Common Collections Obstacles at the Front Desk, Systems and Strategies for Improvement of Over-the-Counter Collections. 

Use this training for your new Front Desk CA as well as your seasoned Front Desk CA!  Just $149 for this comprehensive training program!  Have questions still?  Submit your question to the Chiropractic Compliance Solutions helpdesk.