Virtual Compliance Consultant

What is a Virtual Compliance Consultant?

Practices frequently have compliance or other practice related questions or encounter an unknown situation, where additional guidance or research is needed.  Chiropractic Compliance Solutions provides the Virtual Compliance Consultant as a resource for your practice!  Much like having a workforce member with training and expertise, right at your fingertips!  It can be time consuming, costly, and frustrating to be searching for information.  

Let the Virtual Compliance Consutlant help!  We will research the information you need, provide an answer and any applicable references to you.  For just $99 per submission, this allows you and your workforce to focus on your areas of expertise while still ensuring that you are consistent with guidelines.  

The Virtual Compliance Consultant is not a membership program.  There is no-risk and no obligation.  You can use it as needed and it is a fantastic time and stress saver for your practice.

Submit your question for just $99.  If the time spent for research exceeds the $99 limit (approximately 20 minututes), you will be contacted prior to any additional expense being assigned.